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This is SOTE's special club promoting flexibility, which helps lead to being a better dancer.

Requirements:  You must be a SOTE student.  You must be able to perform right, left and center splits.

2017 SOTE 3 Splits Club Members:

Kate Pinkerton

Valerie Escalante

Paris Padilla

Julia Smith

Tessa Hightower

Gabrielle Cabaniss

Rachelle Cabaniss

Isabelle Green

Gabrielle Green

Madison Padilla

Abigail Burns

Paige Barclay

MacKenzie Gonzales

Elliott Ford

Avery Billey

Phoebe Schuch

Idaliz Rios

Elisa Gonzalez

Ellizabeth Smith

Indie Miller

Isabella Maldonado-Esparza

Ruby Taylor

Alessandra Davilla

Isabella Salinas

Lily Flanigan




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