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Questions you may have...

How old does my child need to be to start taking classes at SOTE?

Young children find movement irresistible and teaching them a love for dance is our passion. Generally, we accept students as young as 2½.


How do I know which class my child should be in?

The right level of dance instruction is crucial to the advancement and enjoyment of each student.

At SOTE, we evaluate each student on:

  • technique,
  • physical strength,
  • musicality,
  • assimilation of combinations,
  • artistic ability,
  • concentration in class and
  • the accomplishment of the skills taught at their class level.

We use these criteria to place each student in the right class.


Do you offer Dance Classes for adults?

We have offered tap dancing and ballroom dancing for adults in the past. We're considering more adult classes for the near future.



SOTE Spring Show 2018
June 1 and 2

SOTE Spring Break
- NO Classes -
March 12-16

SOTE is proud to announce Tumbling Classes with Leaps and Bounds on Thursdays!

Register and enroll here.

Now, you can also pay your class tuition fees online with PayPal.